Happy 29th Birthday Barbie! Nicki Minaj’s 29 Most Unforgettable Looks Throughout The Years

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It’s Nicki Minaj’s 29th B-day! Let’s toast and look at the wildest pictures we’ve ever seen of the Young Money Barbie.

Enjoy the cakes from either back in the day before the humongous a$$ came to be all the way to her most recent crazy public appearances. Nicki Minaj! This is your life!

Here’s young Nicki. Even back then she had a knack for bright colors before she even had that fake rumpshaker.

When she was coming up, Nicki was jacking Lil Kim’s steez just a bit. No wonder Kim felt slighted when Nicki came out on top.

Even when she was just starting, she had that Barbie thing on lock.

Those ta-ta’s look pretty real to us. Even if this was pre-cakes.

And here’s the beginning of Nicki rocking all of that pink. Good call!

And the Kim following continues with the bottle in the crotch. Now, let’s take it to the Young Money Nicki.

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    And here we go. Now the cakes finally make an appearance. The new Nicki was born.

    And this is the Nicki we all know and love. It’s a whole different person!

    And here’s Nicki on the cover of Vibe. It was half Disney, half mega hot.

    She became a sex symbol and was making people swoon in Black Men magazine.

    Yeah…that’s real.

    This was her birthday party last year. We were the ones that actually got the gift.

    Whoo! Nice little lacy number. Nicki took it to a whole other level with this pic.

    Another glorious pic of Nicki in all of her glory for V magazine.

    Fashion week! Nicki was a damn fool all week and stole the show every time.

    Fashion week pt 2. What in the hell was going on?!

    Geez. She just didn’t rock a regular outfit that whole week did she?

    This outfit is Grrrrreaaaat!

    She looks like a freaky fighter from Tekken or something. She damn near stole the show at the VMAs if it weren’t for someone’s baby bump.

    And now she looks like a Sonic the Hedgehog villain!

    Remember when she rapped on a wholesome show and popped a boob out on national television? Yeah, thought so.

    And this is why we call her Barbie.

    Her spread for Complex magazine that really turned heads.

    This was from her bday party pic we posted earlier. Thought you’d enjoy a frontal shot.

    She’s like the big bootied Poison Ivy.

    And now she kind of looks like a Power Ranger or something. We think she keeps old cartoons in her house and dresses like them.

    That’s like a frontal bulge. Weird!

    It’s like a big-bootied Hip-Hop castmember from Golden Girls cast member.

    And this is the Halloween Nicki for you Adams Family fans out there! Hope you enjoyed the look at her life and all the fake cakery money can buy.

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