Mary J. Blige On Piers Morgan: “I Thought I Was Going To Die…I Was Drinking Myself To Death” [Video]

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Dayum, MJB:

Mary J. Blige sits down with Piers Morgan tonight to talk about her new album, her love and her troubled past. Around the time Blige released her fifth album she was struggling with an alcohol addiction. “I was drinking myself to death,” she says. “That same day that I felt like, well, that I was going to die, I got a call from him.”

“Him” is Kendu Isaacs, and was a friend of Queen Latifah’s when he met Blige. Now they’re married. “He gave me love and support in a way that I had not gotten it before,” said Blige.

Wow. Sounds like Kendu saved her life…read on about Mary’s diva behavior:

Mary J. Blige “loses it” if she is given a cold dressing room. The 40-year-old singer is proud to be known as a “diva” but insists she makes few demands of the people around her, though there are certain things that make her really annoyed.

She said: “If the word diva means hard work, a woman that knows what she wants, and won’t take no for an answer, I don’t mind being that. I don’t ask for much, you know. And the little things that I do ask for, I’m not screaming people’s heads off. You know, I’m very calm. [I’ll lose it] if my dressing room is cold. If it’s freezing, you know, if it’s like super cold, uncomfortable. Because I’m always cold anywhere. So if it’s cold, just uncomfortable for me. ” Explaining her demands on CNN show ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’, she said: “I have to have lemon and honey. I have to have apple cider vinegar, Braggs. And I have to have either Red Vines or Twizzlers. These things, you know, are the things that help my vocal performance. You know, it’s just a tip. It kind of keeps your vocals lubricated. So, you know, I got it from a vocal coach. “

Check out the following videos of Mary’s interview with Piers Morgan..

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