Cougar Chronicles: Vivica Says Slimm Was Just In It For The Shopping Spree, Slimm Says He’s Just Mad He Left Her Old A$$

- By Bossip Staff

Looked like this was gonna a quiet, mature break up for a second, didn’t it?

But yesterday, someone just had to ask Auntie Vivica exactly what went wrong between her and her little Tenderoni Toni and while she didn’t exactly offer details, she made it clear that she won’t be cougar-ing it up in that way anymore… or at least not any time soon.

“I told myself I’m going to try something different next time ’cause I happen to fall in love with a six-pack and a smile and look what that’s gotten me,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

However, she hasn’t found a new guy yet. As many people do after heartbreak, she’s taking some time for herself now.

“I’m enjoying being single for a little while and regrouping and focusing on myself and my career and being happy and positive,” she said.

Vivica didn’t give a concrete answer to the question of why she and Slimm ended things, but when asked about dating in Hollywood, she may have hinted that Slimm was more interested in her celebrity than her as a person.

“Sometimes when you’re successful you just have to make sure that someone is coming to you with real intentions. That means taking the time to get to know them for real and make sure they’re not dating you as the celebrity,” she said. “That does make it a little bit difficult to make sure that someone isn’t marrying you for a shopping spree.”


While it’s clear that marriage was on both of their minds, Vivica admitted that the relationship had its issues.

“Sometimes in relationships there are warning signs, and I think that … if there are warning signs, then you should pay attention to them before you get families involved and all the hoopla. And if things aren’t working out, it’s okay to move on,” she said.

The full interview, unfortunately, is no longer online. But it didn’t disappear before Slimm got a chance to see it. Which, of course, meant he had to fire back.

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