50 Cent Says He Cracked Chelsea Handler’s Hips Wide! [Video]

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50 not only clears up the seriousness of him and Chelsea Handler but he also talks Jay-z vs Nas.

This morning, the crew on NYC’s Hot 97’s “Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show with K Foxx” played a little game of “21 Questions” with rapper and actor 50 Cent. They put him on the spot about Chelsea Handler, what song he hates to perform, Nas vs. Jay-Z, Giants vs. Jets and more. Below are some highlights from the on-air interview:

Did you ever have sex with Chelsea Handler?
“Why you gonna do this to me. I’m never comin’…This is the last time you’ll see me. Yeeeaaahhh.” [low-key, laughing, but admitting it.]

Jay-Z or Naz? One catalog you have to pick. You’re gonna be on an island and you can listen to some Jayz-or you can listen to Nas…
[after deliberation] “I’d listen to Jay. He’s got new material that I like now”

How often do you cry?
“How often do I cry? Well, it’s not often…But you know, like, how often does a regular person cry? It think I’m regular.”

What’s your favorite movie?
“My favorite movie right now is Freelancers.” [called out by Rosenberg for selecting his own film] “I’m excited about it. Goddamn, I can’t be excited about my own project?!” [laughing]

What’s your favorite food?
“Alfredo Chicken”

What song of yours do you hate?
“I don’t hate any of the records. I feel like they were up to standard when I put them out. Sometimes I don’t like to perform ‘In Da Club.’ It works everywhere, every country, everywhere I go…it’s just here we go again.”

What do you want to do in your life besides rap, act, and be a business man?
“All those other things would be just recreational, but it’s all still, could be considered research for what the next move is. Because when you think about music, film, and television, what else do we do for entertainment purposes?”

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