Republican Candidates Use “Nasty” Newt Gingrich’s Past Dirty Doggery To Knock Him Out That Number One Spot

- By Bossip Staff

Now that he’s become “Most Likely To Win The Republican Presidential Nomination,” Newt Gingrich is his party’s most hated.

And it showed during the GOP’s debate last night.

With only three weeks remaining before the Iowa caucuses open the Republican nominating contest, Mitt Romney raised questions about Mr. Gingrich’s temperament, saying that by making a claim in a recent interview that the Palestinians were an “invented people,” Mr. Gingrich had thrown “incendiary words into a place which is a boiling pot.”

Mr. Gingrich took fire for most of the evening, at many points seeming to relish his new role as the leader in the field. He kept his sense of humor and his calm, even as he delivered several attacks of his own, particularly against Mr. Romney.

But when the question of his two divorces and acknowledged extramarital affairs were implicitly raised, Mr. Gingrich listened as his opponents pointedly highlighted their long marriages. He conceded that voters would need to make up their own minds.

“I think people have to render judgment,” Mr. Gingrich said. “In my case, I said up front openly, I’ve made mistakes at times. I’ve had to go to God for forgiveness. I’ve had to seek reconciliation.”

In other words, if that’s all these other republicans have, they might as well tap out now. Most of them are starting to anyway…


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