Pump The Brakes Pt. 2: The Craziest Car-Related Arrests Of All Time

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Yesterday we looked at famous DUIs. Now let’s look at all the other dumb things people do in cars.

Let’s take a look at some celebrities that got arrested for doing some questionable activities in their cars or tour buses. You just can’t take some people ANYwhere!

T.I. – He got popped for blowing that loud in the car with Tiny while on probation! SMH. Way to go, Tip.

Lil Wayne – We’re not knocking Weezy for having all of his contraband on his tour bus. We’re knocking his crew for not eating the charge! What are friends for if they can’t take a charge for a little ecstacy?

Fabolous – Fab allegedly tried to move 50 pounds of work across the country! What kind of drug movie is he trying to film?

Eddie Murphy – So, getting arrested for receiving a little roadside dome is one thing. Getting it from a transgendered human being? Yeah, double whammy.

Mister Cee – He got caught Eddie-ing too. And apparently this is a trend. Take it to the house!

Brandy – Brandy came under hard times for accidentally killing a woman with her car. That’s just bad news all around.

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    O.J. – Not only did he “ALLEGEDLY” kill his wife, but he ran away from the cops in a freaking Ford Bronco in the most infamous car chase in history. OJ just had no clue what he was doing.

    Soulja Boy – Rappers, just stop. Why have contraband in your own personal car! Cops are looking for you!

    Ja Rule – Want to know why he’s in jail? Yup. Rolling around with a gun in his car. You don’t have security to handle that for you, dude?

    Randy Moss – After an argument with a traffic cop, he decided to run her car over. Er, what in the world?! He makes T.O. look normal.

    Dion Rayford – So, this big summofagun went to Taco Bell and wanted a chalupa! A CHALUPA! But when Taco Bell didn’t give him one, he jumped from his car window into the drive thru window. Rrrraoorrrr!!!!

    Eddie Griffin – The late Eddie Griffin has always had car trouble. He eventually died when his car ran into a train. But before then, he was arrested for watching adult movies in his car and shucking his corn in the whip! He said he was looking for his phone…but we don’t think that’s how you look for a phone.

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