Making It Rain On…Well…Themselves: Rick’s Cabaret Skrippers Make Millions!

- By Bossip Staff

Um…stay in school?

From its nondescript awning on 33rd Street near Penn Station, you wouldn’t think Rick’s Cabaret houses some of the highest earners in the city. But some of the dancers here bank more than a half-million dollars a year — as good as most hedge-fund traders on Wall Street.

Rick’s, frequented by high-rolling athletes and celebrities, as well as commuters looking for a drink and a quick lap dance on their way home from work, is a well-oiled machine where the house pulls down $300,000 in a good week.

The 1,200 dancers that work in Manhattan sign on as independent contractors and pay about $200 a night for the right to strip at the club.

The best hustlers bring home between $600,000 and $800,000 a year — and that’s just the dollars the club tracks through credit-card purchases, and doesn’t factor in cash tips, which could push their annual take to seven figures in a good year.

One woman even tells a story about a man that was paying her a stack just to get her to sit next to him for an hour. Man, hoes stay winning! And men stay losing. Give that money to some homeless people or something, geez.


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