Trouble In La La Land? Kobe Is Not Happy With The Lakers And Calls Former Teammate A “Bum”

- By Bossip Staff

The NBA. David Stern. Lakers. His own teammates. Kobe is pissed at a lot of people. Here’s why.

Kobe Bryant was ready to have a Lakers team with Chris Paul and possibly Dwight Howard. Instead, the league canceled the trade and the Lakers were stuck with angry Odom and Gasol. That was, until the Lakers traded Odom to the Mavericks team that beat the isht out of the Lake Show last year. Now Kobe is all kinds of angry.

“To be honest with you, I don’t like it,” Kobe Bryant said. “It’s tough to lose Lamar. Pau (Gasol) is still here, and we’re all thankful for that. It’s hard when you’ve been through so many battles with players to just see them go somewhere else. It’s tough.

He went on to make some other crazy comments:

“We’ll keep the train moving,” Kobe says, his voice going boring as he switches into company man mode. “[Devin] Ebanks is going to step in there and fill it up . . . Ron [Artest’s] responsibilities have kicked up and the train keeps moving.” So now the Lakers have become the little engine that could. Sorry, but I’m not buying Ebanks as the next Lamar, or Artest suddenly becoming consistent.

“Aren’t you just selling us a bill of goods?” I say. “I don’t need to do that,” Kobe fires back. “If I think a guy is a bum, he’s a bum. When Smush [Parker] was here, I told you he was a bum.”

Damn, Smush Parker didn’t deserve that did he? Kobe flat out called him a bum! Poor Smush.

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