Oprah’s Show Headed to Her OWN Network

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Oprah’s daytime talk show could have a new home according to Livesteez:

Oprah Winfrey is expanding her media empire and launching her own television network. Discovery Communications, which is partnering with Winfrey in the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) cable channel starting next year with distribution in 70 million U.S. homes, announced yesterday “The Oprah Winfrey Show” will cease to air via syndication on ABC by September 2011.

“The expectation is that after that, her show will go off of ABC in syndication and she will come to OWN,” Discovery CEO David Zaslav said on the company’s first earnings call as a public company. “We’re talking now about what the presence will be and what kind of programming she would be involved in directly. But this is her Chapter 2, and building the OWN brand online and on-air is . . . a core mission for her.”

Zaslav said Winfrey now is “very involved with us and focusing on what the channel is going to be, as well as developing Oprah.com.”

The move is a blow both to CBS-TV Distribution, which syndicates the show, as well as to ABC, which airs it, reports the NY Post. But Oprah’s company, Harpo, said in a statement that although her production contract is up in 2011, “she has not made a final decision as to whether she will continue her show in syndication beyond that.”

Oprah’s leaving and we have tears in our eyes, but not because we are sad. We’re crying because for the first time ever, we know who has the upper hand in getting one of those new jobs that will be coming. Wink.

Read the full Livesteez article.

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  • kimberlee


  • missydaCrunksta

    She’s a boss. Thats why she stays paid.

  • Wouldn't you like to know

    Do what you do O!

  • Butterflygirl

    Get it Oprah!


    0h GAWd….

  • iamsam

    shes gonna lose alot of viewers

  • msgoodie goodie

    oprah go away

    too much of you

  • WordtotheWise

    Keep doing you, Oprah. While everyone’s going something negative to say about her, she’s living large. I like and respect her because she sticks to her guns regardless of what people think and say.

  • memchee

    I thought she was part owner of the o-xygen channel?

    but gon’ girl, build that empire, til’ u can’t build no more!

  • Candid Canuck

    This is a great time for black people!

  • notimeforfakeones..

    Go Oprah! WOw! What a blessing. I;m happy for you…At least she’s out getting her and her legacy built, can’t never be mad at that….I;m glad the building NEVER stops…

    **Another one of those strong black women Kilnasty hates**

  • X

    Great for Oprah!!!

    When you are on top you have haters and congradulators!!!

    Read this and figure out which one you are! lol!!!

    Oprah Winfrey! Queen of media!!!

  • notimeforfakeones..

    Oprah is still a billionaire, hate if you want, it’s a free country, but she will still be wealthy..It doesn’t matter if they stop watching now, she’s already made her money.Go OPRAH! I am working to be in a similar situation, one day. All about productivity, accomplishments and achievements!!


    That’s right Miss O!! GET MONEY, not GIVE MONEY!! If you’re going to do your show, and can O.W.N. it on your O.W.N. network, why not??

    Miss Oprah personifies the term “go gettah”!!!!

  • Vee-Yes We Did!

    I love it! Go Oprah!! Expand more and buy more and more…this is a black woman who’s intelligent and versatile and made her way ON HER OWN. Not by shaking her ass or on her back. Everyone should respect her hustle: and whoever said she wanted a political job as payback for supporting Barack must be high. Oprah’s not a politician and her 99 businesses keep her quite busy: AND for all the haters who’ve stopped watching her show–so what?? She’s already WELL-established and her paper is looooong. Go on gurl!!

  • videovixenssteffans

    Is http://www.OprahWinfreyTv.com belongs to Oprah?

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