Celebrities That Talk About Their Weird Body Insecurities

#HumbleBrag: Celebrities That Talk About Their Weird Body Insecurities

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Celebs work incredibly hard on their bodies. But even though they’re blessed, they still have insecurities.

These celebs have talked about their insecurities ad nauseum, but do you think they really feel insecure or are trying to come off as humble? You decide!

Kelly Rowland – She’s undoubtedly beautiful and has been sexing it up recently. But in the day, she was very self-conscious about her dark skin. Don’t be ashamed to be dark n’ lovely!

Kevin Hart – He’s incredibly short. But he uses it for his schtick and it’s hilarious.

Sofia Vergara – The best boobs on TV once said she was told her boobs were too big! She also grew up too skinny and was teased because of it.

Megan Fox – Her thumbs are frequently ridiculed. If you look, you’ll see her pictures always hide her thumbs.

Kimmy Cakes – She’s always said that her thighs were too thick, but she won’t stop eating! Good for her.

Jennifer Aniston – She says she’s Greek so her butt is unusually big. Pshhhh right. Your definition of “big” is different from ours.

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    Vanessa Hudgens – She used to be a dancer growing up, so she says her legs are incredibly muscular. Apparently she gets ridiculed for that. Yeah right.

    Katy Perry – Kids used to pick on poor Perry for her large chesticles. Who’d make fun of her for that?! Just try to holla instead.

    Paris Hilton – She wears a size 11 and says kids used to make fun of her for her big feet. They probably also made fun of her for being an idiot.

    Scarlett Johansson – She says her cheeks are chubby, her arms are short and she’s not “sexually liberated”. So take your freakiness somewhere else if you want it from her. But really, she’s flawless.

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