You’ll Do For Now: The Craziest Celebrity Rebounds Of All Time

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Breakups suck! Good things we got rebound tail.

These celebrities took the bad breakup advice and decided it’d be best to just snatch up some extra booty right after they lose their loved ones. Some of these worked out for the best. Others just left them feeling more heartbroken.

Drake and Nicole Scherzinger – Nicole just called off her engagement and celebrated with a tender dinner with Drizzy Drake. We wonder if this will lead to anything. You think?

Reggie Bush and Amber Rose – Face it: both Reggie and Kimmy went a little crazy after they broke up. Reggie went on a rebounding spree and Amber Rose was his most famous victim.

Kimmy K and MIles Austin – Kim’s rebound boo was Dallas Cowboy and Drake lookalike, Miles Austin. And his year was horrible. Coincidence?

Kimmy K and Kanye – Surprise, surprise. Kimmy has ANOTHER rebound! Looks like Yeezy might be her next boo thang after her divorce a little while ago. Classy.

Kelsey Grammar and Kayte Walsh – Soon as Frasier dropped his reality wife, he was seen with this homely little number. Whatever’s clever.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez – When she left dead beat dad, she started up with random a$$ Olivier Martinez. Who saw that coming?

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    Rihanna and Drake – Rih Rih ended up spending the night with Drake during a random rebound session. He’s still crying about it.

    Madonna and Alex Rodriguez – When Madonna and A-Rod’s respective marriages ended, they found each other. And we found a barf bag.

    J. Lo – Sigh. Look at this mess. SMH.

    Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz – This was random as hell. But Nicole found love with Lenny after her and Tom Cruise split. Weiiiird.

    Bradgelina – Angelina was Brad’s rebound…kind of. Moreso she snatched that mofo from his woman. Same thing, right?

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