Reality TV Bull Shizzle: NeNe Leakes Is Trippin’ On Them Hoes At Bravo! The RHOA Diva Demands Her Own Spinoff

- By Bossip Staff

This broad is a trip. We’ve been saying this for a minute, but truly, Nene Leakes needs to take it down a notch.

According to the December 12th print edition of Star Magazine, NeNe Leakes is ready to show Bravo producers her a$$ if they don’t ante up and start spoiling her with her own show:

“NeNe has told friends that if she doesn’t get what she wants, she will quit,” a source tells Star, blaming NeNe’s stint on The Celebrity Apprentice for her newly inflated ego. “She’s saying that she’s too big for RHOA, and that Bravo doesn’t pay her enough.”

Adding fuel to the fire, her costar and nemesis Kim Zolciak has reportedly been given her own solo series.

“She’s furious that Kim got a show and she didn’t,” the source says. “NeNe thinks RHOA is all about her and it will crumble if she leaves.”

Let’s be honest, NeNe is probably the most entertaining one, although Kim and Phaedra are some dramatic (crazy) broads too.

But anyway back to NeNe being a beyotch:

Insiders tell Star that during an appearance on the network’s Watch What Happens Live, the hot-tempered Housewife expected to be treated like a queen.

“She acted nice to host Andy Cohen while shooting but laid into him afterward and said she wants her own show,” says the source.

“She insisted on her own, very expensive makeup artist, a stretch limo and the presidential suite during her stay,” reveals the insider, adding that the 43-year-old even wanted Cristal champagne in her dressing room. But the producers finally put their foot down:

“She didn’t get the Cristal.”

Wamp Wamp…

All these reality broads have managed to use their TV fame to launch their other businesses — like Kandi’s toy business for example — why doesn’t NeNe find something she can market? She should have been focused on that instead of trying to date ol dude on the last episode. GTFOHWTBS Leneathia!

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