Must Be Nice: A Gallery Of Some Of The Most Expensive Cribs In The Whole Damn World!

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We all want to live in a nice place, but these ballerific abodes go above and beyond!

We feel confident in saying that someone who owns a million dollar home is doing very well in life. But for the uber-rich, a million dollar house MIGHT be the “guest house” where they shack their friends (or annoying in-laws). These professional money-getters have been ridin’ around and gettin’ it, it’s theirs, so they spend it…on AWESOME houses!

Flip the page to see how some of the famous (or infamous depending on your point-of-view) 1% live when they go home at night.

Atlanta, GA

78 acres

$45 Million

What does that get you: 7 bedrooms, 12 full bathrooms, and 11 half baths, 18 hole golf course and a 12 car garage.

Aspen, CO

21,000 sq ft

$43 million

What does 11 bedroom, 15 bathrooms, a gym, a wine cellar and pool.

Brooklyn, NY


7,000 sq ft

$23.5 million

Best feature: Four HUGE glass clocks that overlook Manhattan

Corona Del Mar, CA

This uniquely shaped oceanfront home is $75 million. Get your gwap up!

Los Angeles, CA

56,000 sq ft

$85 million

What does that get you: A 6 acre lot, pool, tennis court, gardens, a gift wrapping room and a two-lane bowling alley.

Sidebar: This was the house of deceased TV mogul Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210) and was sold to 22 year-old (yes, 22) heiress, Petra Ecclestone, who paid for the property in CASH. Oh yeah, when Petra bought the house she already had a $90 million crib in England.

Must be REAL nice…

Southhampton, NY

13,200 sq ft (main house)

7,500 sq ft (guest house)

$65 million

What does that get you: A four-car garage and an oceanfront pool and spa.

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    Upper Brookville, NY

    23.4 acres

    $17 million (but is currently down to only $14.5, helluva deal right???)

    What does that get you: A heated, five-car garage and indoor horse stables.

    San Francisco, CA (atop the St. Regis Hotel)


    20,000 sq ft (two floors)

    $28 million

    What does that get you? A 2,500 sq ft master bedroom, a thirteen-seat home cinema and four terraces, four fireplaces and six car parking.


    Bozeman, MT

    $155 million

    What does that get you? A 30-car garage, a bowling alley, and its own ski lift at the Yellowstone Club.


    Mumbai, India

    400,000 sq ft

    27 stories


    What does that get you? Three helicopter pads, underground parking for 160 cars, and requires some 600 staff to run.

    No word on exactly how much this place is being sold for. However, this spot HAS to be upwards of $100 million.

    Palm Beach, FL

    $17.95 million

    What does that get you? Not a lot of deets on this one either other than the fact that all the floors are oak wood. That’s a lot of trees…

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