*Exclusive* Pharrell Williams Swagger Jacked David Sabastian [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Here is an underground sources tell:

It is a known fact that major artist steal a great majority of their swag and style from young tastemakers and stylish teens. So it is not a surprise that mega producer and supposed industry tastemaker Pharrell Williams found inspiration for his new look from an unsuspecting young tastemaker somewhere around the country or in London or Paris. The surprise is that in this case we have tracked the source of Pharrell’s heavily talked about and photographed soldier hat and boots with the word “P*ssy” and other abstract symbols written on them graffiti style.

On September 29th on Youtube we witnessed the debut of a provocative yet amazing new video called “Pu*sy Mariju*na.” The artist is a twenty-one year old rapper from Los Angeles named David Sabastian. The song and video for P*ssy Mariju*na became an instant favorite of both club and radio mix show Dj’s as well as fans across the internet. The buzz on David Sabastian and the cleverly shot video instantly put him on the radar of entertainment industry tastemakers. Within a month the song was on nineteen radio stations including Dj Ern 102 Jamz in Greensboro, NC, DJ Camillo Hot 97 NY, DJ Feli Fell Power 106 LA, KMEL in the Bay and Big Tigga WPGC in Wash DC.

The video was co-directed, styled, art directed and edited by the artist David Sabastian himself! Sabastian has been a tastemaker and innovator in the LA fashion scene since he was sixteen yrs old. The P*ssy Marij*ana song and video is the lead off single from his upcoming 2012 mixtape titled “The Napoleon Complex”. Over the last two months the major record labels and top level artist, producers and executives have reached out to Sabastian and his manager St.gian at Philafornia Music Corporation to offer various deals.

In November, Pharrell Williams paid the ultimate compliment to David Sabastian and the P*ssy Mariju*na video by swagger jacking Sabastian’s unique style from the video. The signature soldier hat and graffiti tagged P*ssy logo written on the Timberland boots of David Sabastian became Pharrell’s new fashion statement! Pharrell Williams officially became Mr. Me Too! Check out these pics of Pharrell and then check out the P&ssy Marijuana video by David Sabastian right here and tell us what you think! Hit David Sabastian on Twitter @DavidSabastian give your opinion.

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