What The Hell??? California Politician Calls For The Assassination Of Obama And His “Monkey” Children?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

This guy needs to be locked up STAT! The latest attacks on President Barack Obama came via Facebook this week when Tea Party darling Jules Manson posted a tirade about “patriotic duty” that was followed up with a comment saying someone should kill the “ni**er and his monkey children.”

A screen shot was taken before the wankster had his page removed altogether.

Manson is a libertarian Tea Party member and strong supporter of Ron Paul. Manson followed up his post by stating that his use of the word “ni**er” doesn’t make him a racist. Also, his entire page was eventually removed after so many users complained to Facebook administrators and the FBI.

This is just disgusting. What kind of evil person incites violence and death on their nation’s leader — and his innocent children???


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