Put On Blast: Oprah Says Kimmy Cakes Doesn’t Give A Fawk About Haitian People And Her Trip Was A Publicity Stunt

- By Bossip Staff

GASP! No way, Oprah! Kim… KARDASHIAN? An attention slore??? We’re shocked!

The latest issue of the National Enquirer claims that Harpo was appalled at Kimmy Cakes’ phoniness while they were both in Haiti a couple of weeks ago.

Oprah was there as a guest of Sean Penn’s, visiting the tent camp his organization has been running since a couple of months after the January 2010 earthquake. During her visit, Oprah and Sean went about the serious business of discussing just how real the situation is in Haiti as we approach the two year anniversary of the most devastating event in the country’s history.

And just so that there is no confusion about what she was doing, Oprah captured the whole trip on camera for an OWN special.

Oprah says Kim, on the other hand, went to Haiti as yet another effort to wash the stink of that Kris Humphries debacle off of her. (It didn’t work… You know, because she was on TV with the doofus again just a couple of days later.) According to the Enquirer, Kimmy, who traveled with Pimpin’ Kris Jenner as part of the organization “We Advance,” really behaved like she was on vacation, being pampered, attending fashion shows and being mean to the locals.

Again: we’re in shock.

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  • http://mediaoutrage.com/2011/12/20/oprah-goes-in-on-kim-kardashians-trip-to-haiti-says-she-doesnt-care-about-the-people-the-whole-trip-was-really-a-publicity-stunt/ Media Outrage » Blog Archive » Oprah Goes In On Kim Kardashian’s Trip To Haiti: Says She Doesn’t Care About The People & the Whole Trip Was Really A Publicity Stunt

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