Regular Old Thang: Stars That Married Regular People…Did It Work?

- By Bossip Staff
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Stars marrying stars doesn’t ever seem to work. What about when stars marry random regular folks? Does it work or does it fail?

Let’s look at stars that jumped the broom with us common people. You know what that means? We have a chance!

Chris Paul – He married his sweetheart Jada Crawley recently. Now that they’re in L.A., it’ll be interesting to see if she joins in on the reality fad.

LeBron James – They actually haven’t gotten married yet, but they might as well be. These two have been together since high school and she has two kids by him. She’s in there!

Denzel Washington – Denzel and Pauletta have been together for a really long time. Nothing’s splitting them up.

Samuel L. Jackson – He’s been with his woman before he was even famous. So, they’ve got that old true love. Why can’t we have more relationships like theirs these days?

LL Cool J – LL’s got a bod that most women would die to touch and most men would die to have. But he’s stuck with his boo for damn near 20 years!

Terrence Howard – Terrence grabbed his unknown beard from who knows where. But they damn sure fell apart. Not surprising.

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    Robert De Niro – He married a former flight attendant. They almost filed for divorce a few years ago, but they got it together and swirled it up beautifully.

    Matt Damon – Luciana is his wife and former waitress. Matt is just a regular, down a$$ dude.

    Jennifer Lopez – She flips from famous to regular bum back to famous and the circle continues. She married Ojani Noa, a former waiter, back in the beginning and went on to marry Chris judd.

    Julia Roberts – J Ro went straight to the non-famous cameraman Danny Moder after her celebrity relationships fell apart. They’ve made it with not issues.

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