Reality Report: Tami Roman Says That Lawsuit Is BS And Explains Why She Doesn’t Owe Her Shady Ex Manager Isht!!

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We’re sure that it won’t take too long for it to become pretty obvious to Tami’s former manager that he wants no part of her.

In a radio interview today, Tami spoke up about the allegations that she owes this Jerry character money for hooking her up with her gig on Basketball Wives… and she sounds to us like she’s confident that she can back up every last word she’s saying about it.

It’s true. He had been my manager for about maybe 8 years. Yes, we had a long relationship and it had always been an amicable up until this moment. Our particular situation was you know I pay people based on what you do and that had always been our understanding and our agreement. You know if you send me out on an audition and I book that job I’m going to pay your commission. If I initiate employment for myself, you’re not going to get commission on that because you weren’t involved in it. So that had always been our understanding and that had always worked for the past 8 years.

With “Basketball Wives,” they approached me when they did their first season. They contacted him and you know I just wasn’t really ready to go on a show, talk about Kenny. You know I had moved so past that. In addition to, I really didn’t want to go back to the reality genre. So between the year that they had their first season and the second season which is when I actually came onto the show, my family fell on a hardship I actually introduced that on the show.

Jerry placed another call on my behalf to Shed Media, which is the production company for our show and I started having communication and dialogue with the executive producer, telling them my story. They liked my story- I was on Season 2. Now for the payment that I received for Season 2, Jerry Silverhardt was compensated. And that’s what he’s not admitting to. When it came to-we didn’t even know we were going to get a Season 3-so we did the reunion and we got the announcement we were going to do a Season 3. As I wasn’t happy with my contract for Season 2, I didn’t feel that he did the best job for me in that moment considering everything I was going through and you know what the value of my storyline that I brought to Season 2, I terminated him before we started negotiating contract for Season 3.

She also brought up an interesting fact about the lawsuit itself: this Jerry character filed his lawsuit in 2010… So why wait until now to bring it to the attention of the media?

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