Baller Cribs: 22-Year-Old Russian Heiress Buys Most Expensive Apartment Ever Sold In NYC… Is It Really Worth The $88 Million She Paid?? [Photos]

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Even the uber-rich go a little too far sometimes. This isn’t one of those times

This is the living room of a unit at 15 Central Park West in Manhattan that was recently purchased by 22-Year-Old Ekaterina Rybolovlev for $88 Million. That’s $40 million more than the apartment that held the title of the most expensive apartment sold in NYC before this one. But there is a positive twist.

The previous owner of this four bedroom, five bath apartment was Sandy Weill, the man who built Citigroup, Inc. Since he clearly doesn’t need any money, the almost 70-year-old Weil announced last month that he would be selling this apartment for $88 Million and donating the every last penny he made on the house to Charity. Maybe he wouldn’t have made that promise if he’d known someone would have actually coughed up the dought.

Ekaterina is the daughter of Russian billionaire Dimitry Rybolovlev.

He is the 93rd richest man in the world (with a net worth of $9.5 billion). He served 11 months in jail for allegedly ordering the murder of another businessman (he was later acquitted because of lack of evidence). The “fertilizer kingpin” famously made his wealth buying industrial concerns in the early 1990s during Russia’s “wildly unregulated privatization period.” Oh, yeah, just in case his name doesn’t ring any bells, he’s the Russian mogul who took Donald Trump to the cleaners.

In May 2008, Rybolovlev purchased Trump’s Palm Beach mansion, Maison de L’Amitie. He paid $95 million in cash, which was much less than what Trump was asking ($25 million less, to be precise). Apparently, the final transaction between the the Donald the Fertilizer Kingpin resulted in Trump making the largest single residence price concession of all time.

Must be nice. We’re glad this ridiculous extravagance will serve a good purpose though. Flip through and check out exactly what that $88 Million got the Rybolovlevs.

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