Pure Comedy: The Most Ridiculous Christmas Gifts Ever Received By Real Life People

- By Bossip Staff
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Grandma’s used underwear? Condoms for 9th graders? An unpaid, unbooked vacation to Australia???

We couldn’t have made up some of these horrible Christmas gifts if we had thought about it all year. Luckily, we didn’t have to.

Last year, KDVR in Denver held a contest asking viewers to tell the station about their worst Christmas gifts ever.

Flip through and check out the ones that made us laugh (or shake our heads… or both) the most.

“One year my ex-husband wrapped me an itinerary for a trip to Australia. Not too sure how he got the dates on it without actually paying for the trip. Anyway, apparently the trip was contingent on him getting approval for a new credit card, which apparently did not happen either, and so I was left holding a useless itinerary, with no trip. Perhaps it came in handy for scratch paper. : )”

“An 8″x10″ glossy photo of my older brother giving a huge grin and thumbs up. He autographed it and duct taped it to a Swanson Fried Chicken TV dinner. The wrapped the present and it sat under the tree stinking for a week.”

“My ex-boyfriends mother gave me a pound of ground beef right from her freezer. She stuck a big red bow on it and made such a big deal over it. I don’t think she liked me very much!!”

“About six years ago an old friend of mind gave me a small, light, wrapped cube. When I opened it I found about four Ramen noodle packages. I laughed so hard because I thought it was a gag gift but when I looked at her, she shrugged her shoulders with a sincere look on her face and said “it’s the thought that counts”. True story.”

“I received a box of chocolates that when I opened the box, most of them were bitten into them.”

“I got my brother a t-shirt that said right on it: ‘Worse Present Ever'”

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    “My grandmas used underwear and bras.”

    “My worst Christmas gift was given to me by my teacher in 9th grade. She gave me a basket of condoms and information on how to prevent pregnancy!!! I know that’s important, but for Christmas?”

    Merry Christmas for the BOSSIP family! Hope none of these are waiting for you under the tree!

    And if you don’t celebrate these things, have an awesome weekend!

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