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Every time we come across one of these “Jesus Take The Wheel” stories, we think “nothing could ever turn our stomachs and disgust us even more.”

But this one right here might take the cake.

A 26-year-old woman allegedly had sex with a seven-year-old girl to prove to her love to her married boyfriend.

Margaret Ann O’Neill told police she performed oral sex on the girl to satisfy the ‘sexual appetite’ of her boyfriend Christopher Smith.

She said she had carried out the illegal act in an attempt to show Smith, 32, how much she loved him after he promised to leave his wife for her.

Police said Smith, of Kissimmee, Florida, had manipulated his mistress into carrying out the sex acts.

He was arrested on December 5th after another woman he was having an affair with called police when he asked her to have sex with the same abused seven year old.

Police seized his cell phone and found video footage of Smith having sex with the seven-year-old girl. They also found footage of O’Neill performing oral sex on the child.

Investigators revealed Smith’s wife told them she found a video of him abusing a child in February – but chose not to alert authorities because she ‘wanted to protect’ the child’s family.

In a bid to get further evidence against Smith they set up a sting operation and recorded him talking about abusing children.

Details of Smith and O’Neill’s arrest have just been released by Orange County Sheriffs.

When O’Neill was questioned, she told police that she performed the acts so that Smith would leave his wife and be with her.

O’Neill said that Smith was a ‘manipulator’ and that she was ‘afraid of what he would do if she did not participate in the sexual activity,’ according to an arrest affidavit.

BEYATCH!!!! Is this a justification of some sort in your mind? We hope she doesn’t think she’s in any way, shape or form any LESS of a sicko than ol’ boy.

And all this, for THIS guy???

Good thing his other side-piece had a soul! How the hell do you even allow someone to bring you to this level of lowlife-ness???



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