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Here he goes again… After already providing his illuminating views on the Kardashian clan and their success, actor Daniel Craig has continued to speak with candor, this time on the subject of politicians.

Daniel Craig isn’t one to mince words, and in the latest issue of Men’s Health, he has found his latest target: politicians.

“You immediately are aligning yourself with a political party,” Craig told the magazine. “Politicians are sh–heads. That’s how they become politicians, even the good ones.

“We’re actors, we’re artists, we’re very nice to each other. They’ll turn around and stab you in the f–king back.”

Craig, 43, earlier this year called the Kardashians “f–king idiots” for parading around Hollywood televising their most intimate moments, and his assessment of kowtowing politicians is no less flattering.

“Tony Blair started it much more than anybody’s ever done,” he said of politicians who attempt to be on-the-ins with the celebrity crowd.

“It becomes ‘Mephisto,’ ” he said, referencing a 1981 film about an actor who aligns with the Nazis in order to climb the social ladder.

One man who balances on the line between politicians and celebrity that the “James Bond” actor does respect, however, is George Clooney.

“George has his finger on the political pulse, and he’s one of those guys who can get up and talk, and I don’t have that … If someone shoves a microphone in your face and says, ‘Explain yourself,’ you have to have a 100% understanding of why you’re doing it, and unless you’re 100%, don’t f–king do it, leave it alone, let your work speak for itself.”

We like this guy, he just tells it like it is.




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