It’s Over! Pt. 1: Stars That Ruined Their Careers By Doing The Dumbest Isht Imaginable

- By Bossip Staff
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We hope these stars have saved up their money because it’s oooooverrrrrrr.

It’s so easy to rise to fame so quickly that insanity starts to take over. Next thing you know, it’s all over because people were being total idiots. Here are some stars that ruined it all for stupid reasons.

Young Buck – Yes, 50 Cent is a horrible person for what he’s doing to Buck. But Buck was dumb for trying to diss his own boss! Now he’s stuck and may even lose his own name.

Herman Cain – Cain not only kept saying stupid stuff every day, he went on and tried to get sloppy top from white chicks! Yeah, that’s not how you make a career work.

Christina Aguilera – Getting wasted. Screwing up the National Anthem. Gaining 50 pounds thanks to all of that booze. Christina has fallen off super tough lately.

MC Hammer – He was worth $33 million but he bought the most ostentatious house in celebrity history. Marble floors? He went bankrupt quick as hell. Poor Hammer.

OJ Simpson – Okay, OJ. You’re the biggest star in the world. All you have to do is NOT kill your wife. Easy, right? Umm…

Lil Kim – Yes, a lot of the reason she fell off was that her music started sucking. But a big portion of it was the fact she got so much plastic surgery that she looked like she was built by Mattel. Nobody wants to see that!

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    Britney Spears – She went banana nut bread crazy all of a sudden, shaved her head and took a one way trip to Crazyville. She’s tried to come back a few times, but it’s hard to take her that seriously anymore.

    Gucci Mane – Gucci first can’t get out of and stay out of the clink. Then he went and got a dumb a$$ ice cream tattoo on his face. On his face! It’s a wrap for Gucci Gucci.

    Yung Berg – Berg was running around like he was some sort of hard rapper but he kept getting his chain stolen! Then, he kept bringing those chains around. And getting them stolen again! Nobody took him seriously after that.

    DMX – He was the most popular rapper in the world back in the late-90s. Then cocaine and pretending to be a cop ruined it all. Now, he’s got more bids in jail than he has albums. Damn, D!

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