Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Lupita Cortez Throws Her 2 Year-Old Son Out Of An 2-Story Apartment Buliding On Chirstmas Day Then Jumps Herself!!

- By Bossip Staff

‘Tis the season…for ain’t isht mamas!!

On Christmas Day, a 22-month-old San Jose boy was rushed to the hospital after his mother allegedly tossed him from an apartment window before jumping out herself, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Relatives of Lupita Cortez, the boy’s 24-year-old mother, called authorities after Cortez locked herself in her bedroom with the young boy.

“They had some concerns over her frame of mind and her mental state,” said San Jose Police spokesman Sgt. Jason Dwyer to CBS. “She was not responding to them and they called the police department. When officers got to the scene, she either tossed or dropped the toddler out the window. Officers forced entry into the bedroom to try and gain control over her and she was sitting on the ledge of the window and jumped out herself.”

Luckily, both Cortez and the toddler survived with minor injuries.

“Miraculously, and thank goodness, the baby is going to be ok,” said Dwyer.

Why the hell would a mom do this to herself and her child?? She’d have to be crazy as hell right? Well…

In a statement on Monday, Dwyer said that Cortez has a history of mental illness, but did not give details. Cortez is currently being held at Valley Medical Center for her injuries and for psychiatric evaluations, but will be released into police custody when she recovers. According to the San Jose Mercury News, she is facing charges of attempted murder, child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

First and foremost, we are glad that the baby is going to be ok. As far as Lupita, she shouldn’t ever be allowed to have custody of that boy, whether she has “recovered” or not…


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