The Biggest Scandals Of 2011

Drama, Drama! The Biggest Scandals Of 2011

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2011 has been crazy. Take a look.

These scandals have rocked the world for the last 365 or so days. We were obsessed with the stories and checked for updates every day. Click through to see all of the drama that had our attention this year.

Jerry Sandusky Scandal – Sandusky was out touching little boys at Penn St. As the trial goes federal and more people take the stand, things are only going to get uglier.

Bernie Fine Scandal – After Sandusky’s scandal hit the national news, men started coming out about how the Syracuse coach was sexually abusing them. This is another one that isn’t going away in 2012.

The NBA Falling Apart – The lockout was nasty for the NBA. And David Stern canceling the Chris Paul trade only made it worse. The NBA is going to have some work to do to be beloved again.

The Kobe Divorce – Vanessa wanted a divorce from Kobe, but that was just the beginning. Now it’s come out that Kobe hasn’t even signed a prenup! That man’s going to play until he’s 50 now.

Justin Bieber’s Maybe Baby – Some woman out there claimed that Biebs raw dogged her in a Staples Center bathroom and got her pregnant! Of course, it was lies, but it was wild like it lasted.

The Kardashian Ruse – Ugh, can we pretend like the Kardashian sham wedding didn’t exist? Good. Moving along.

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    Anthony Weiner’s Metaweiner – He showed his dong off on Twitter. That’s no way for a politician to act! America spent too much damn time talking about some ugly guy’s privates.

    Lindsay Lohan’s Jail “Time” – Lohan spent the year dodging jail and it exposed the criminal system when she only spent a couple of hours in before getting out even though she kept piling on the crimes.

    Schwarzenegger’s Bastard – Arnold got divorced when Maria found out about his secret lovechild that he had with is maid. The maid. He straight diarrhea dumped where he ate.

    Charlie Sheen’s Drug Rampage – Sheen got kicked off of Two and a Half Men after he went super crunk with his coke and hookers. It was one of the wildest celebrity meltdowns of all time.

    The Conrad Murray Trial – Conrad Murray was convicted of aiding in the downfall of the King of Pop. Now he’s facing a few years in jail for his transgressions.

    Sam Hurd’s Yayo – Sam Hurd is in holding right now because he tried to cop and distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars of that white girl in order to distribute to Chicago and other players. It’s a wrap for his career and his freedom.

    Herman Cain – He was just an idiot before. Now he’s an idiot that had 13 year affairs and harassed women that worked for him. So goodbye to his campaign.

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