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What A Year It Has Been: A Look Back At The Stories That Rocked The World In 2011

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While the celebrities, reality TV “stars” and random hoes kept us lol’ing and shaking our heads all year, 2011 gave us plenty of real world news to report.

From wars, riots and natural disasters, to dirty old men, injustice and the death of tyrants, here are the top 15 stories BOSSIP’s staff will remember covering this year.

The State of Florida and Nancy Grace vs. Casey Anthony

*Sigh* All those years. All those resources. All that evidence. And this beyatch is still out in this world free? We still cannot…

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Herman Cain’s Flop Campaign

Big Daddy Cain really looked like he might have been a contender there for a second. But between the random Becky’s and his general lack of Obama-like swag, Herman Cain’s presidential campaign is now just a thing of the past.

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End Of Days… No Really, as in “The Second Coming”

Remember the nutcases that were buying up billboards to warn the world about the Apocalypse? Then how the world didn’t end in May?

So then they had us getting ready for The Rapture in October… #WeStillHere…

End Of Days???

But you can’t front: there were a few moments this year when you probably thought the world really WAS coming to an end. Between Hurricane Irene, deadly tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, dead animals, wildfires, lions and tigers and bears running around Ohio, and the CDC warning folks about a zombie apocalypse, we kinda almost had to wonder.

Death of Kim Jong-Il

He’s been made fun of, reviled, feared… He’s threatened to blow up the world, and shut down univeristies so state-run farms could have more hands to work the ground. And now he’s death. And the world hold’s its breath to see exactly what that will mean.

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The Realness That Was Arab Spring

Isht got super real in the Middle East and North Africa at the beginning of this year. The young people of Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia and Syria rose up against their tyranical leaders, showed the world the true power of social media, inspired movements, and showed us that even in great moments in history, people can do dumb shyte like naming their kid Facebook or “Like”. SMH.

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    Occupy Wall Street The World

    We’re still not quite sure how effective the “Occupy Movement” has been at changing the way wealth is distributed in America, or at creating jobs, or at… whatever else it was exactly that the Occupy Movement was protesting. But still, there’s no denying the fact that a generation has been called to action and has responded. Now if we could just get them to completing some actual action items instead of looking like they’re just on an extended vacay.

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    Dominique Strauss-Khan

    This dirt bag here… If the tail of his alleged rape of an African maid and a past that included possibly having tried to push up on one of his ex’s daughters had been an episode of Law & Order… oh wait. But still, we cannot believe this character is still out in the world, probably up to his same old tricks. Hopefully he won’t ever be the “Future French President” again.

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    Earthquake In Japan

    Of all the devastation the world saw this year, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the Miyagi region of Japan in March was unparalleled. Hours after the earthquake, as pictures started rolling in, authorities estimated up to 10,000 people had died. And things didn’t get any better in the weeks immediately following as locals dealt with the threat of a nuclear fall-out in addition to everything else they had been through.

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    The Trial of Dr. Conrad “Murder” Murray

    The Conrad Murray case forced Michael Jackson fans and critics to face some very real facts. Was Michael really an addict? Can one man really be held responsible for the damaged caused by all of the “yes-men” in Michael Jackson’s life? Would Conrad Murray have been on trial for anything more than malpractice if his patient-turned-victim had been anyone other than Michael Jackson?

    And last, (and probably least, but still a question that should be asked): how the heck was Old Man Murray bagging these bangin’ a$$ broads?

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    The Life and Death of Moammar Gadhafi

    As far back as we can remember, Moammar “Spell My Name 112 Ways” Gadhafi has been a crazy muhfuggah. But following an uprising in Libyia that lead to a months-long civil war, and eventually his “that was waaaaaay too easy” death, we found out that this man’s level of crazy was beyond our imagination and even spread to members of his family.

    Still, from the ridiculous collections of “girly flicks” and “nudie magazines,” to his life in the lap of luxury while many of his people suffered and his cookie family… nothing holds a candle to Gadhafi’s love for Condoleeza Rice.

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    The Penn State/Jerry Sandusky Horror

    This one, we’re sure, is still fresh on your mind and hopefully will NEVER be forgotten. What Jerry Sandusky was allowed to get away with for all of those years at Penn State has forced all of us to reevaluate how we deal with certain things. And, luckily, given more victims of child abuse the courage to speak up.

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    End of the War In Iraq

    Our President made a promise: all of the troops would be home from Iraq by the end of 2011. Then he brough them home early. Salute to all the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces for their service, sacrifice, and in way too many instances, their lives.

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    Many of us had never heard his name until just days before his still questionable execution. But, that final effort to stop Troy Davis’ education, to force Twitter to allow his name to become a trending topic, to rally on his behalf across the country finally proved that the Hip-Hop generation is just as capable of political activism as ever.

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    2. London Riots

    It started out as outrage over the death of a Black man at the hand of London police. Then grew into disenfranchised youth raging against the machine in response to years of racial injustice… and then some other n-words took isht too far.

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    1. Death of Osama Bin Laden

    No matter what ANYONE has to say about our President, Barack Hussein Obama II: he got muhfuggin’ Osama Bin Laden. That’s game-set-match in our book. Remember than in 2012.

    We can’t wait to see what next year has to bring us. What 2011 stories will you carry with you into the new year?

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