Bossip Exclusive: Michael Ealy Speaks On Wanting To Be A Vampire In ‘Underworld: The Awakening’ And How Steve Harvey Broke Guy Code By Writing ‘Think Like A Man’

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Michael Ealy has been one hard working man this year and has the body of work to show for it. Here’s what he had to say about his role in the upcoming supernatural sequel ‘Underworld: Awakening.’

Bossip: What drew you to do ‘Underworld: The Awakening,’ it seems like a new direction for you?

Michael Ealy: After doing Takers I was bitten by the action bug. It just became really important to do as much as I can before I got too old. I don’t want to be 55 trying to do fight sequences and car chases.

Bossip: Tell us about the role. Are you playing a vampire?

ME: I wish, I wish I was playing a vampire. Unfortunately I’m human! I play Detective Sebastian. He is the human element of the film. From the previous ‘Underworld’ films, you would think that there are no humans, but this is the first one where you realize the Lycans are extinct and the Vampires are living under ground in the Underworld in their covens, and humans are going about their everyday lives. So I think this one is a little bit more tangible to everybody out there because we’re basically saying that the Lycans and the Vampires are among us.

Bossip: Have you followed the ‘Underworld’ before this role and how excited were you to do this film?

ME: I felt like this would be a really great change for me. As a kid growing up, you always want to be in a big action movie. I remember Die Hard I wanted to be and all those Stallone and Schwarzenegger movies. I wanted to be Terminator!Those movies take you into this high energy place and you just want to be apart of it. For me it’s like a dream come true. I don’t think being a vampire is that bad… you don’t age. If you get bit and you’re still young and good looking?

Keep reading for Michael’s take on ‘Think Like A Man’ when you continue.

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