Bossip Exclusive: Michael Ealy Speaks On Wanting To Be A Vampire In ‘Underworld: The Awakening’ And How Steve Harvey Broke Guy Code By Writing ‘Think Like A Man’

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip: It must have been refreshing to switch gears into doing comedy for ‘Think Like A Man’ after finishing ‘Underworld.’

ME: Right now comedy is kind of trendy because everyone’s world is so full of drama everyone wants to kind of escape and laugh so there is a lot of comedy going in right now. For me it was kind of a first. Drama has been my M.O. for the last ten years so I’m starting to broaden my horizons and diversify the portfolio and show people I can do a little comedy too.

Bossip: While looking at the trailer for Think Like A Man, we couldn’t help but notice that Taraji had you looking a little silly in this part.

ME: Oh, yea see that’s what I really love about this comedy is that it gets more real. It’s more real to be kind of thrown off when you’re really feeling somebody. It’s great if you can as suave and debonair the way they make it look in the movies, but the reality is that when you start feeling somebody you’re usually a little off and there’s something quirky about it. You’re trying to be cool but its just not working!

Bossip: Did you read the book before filming started?

ME: No. To my knowledge the book was geared towards women, not being one I didn’t feel it was pertinent. Honestly all of the guys in the movie, none of us had read it. You know, we felt betrayed (by Steve Harvey). We were feeling like, ‘How could he have done this? He broke the code!’

Bossip: Do you think its possible for a women to ever think like a man, ever??

Ealy: No, it goes beyond mentality. It comes from life experience. Your mentality is shaped by your life’s experience. And your life experience as a woman is completely different from mine as a man.

Bossip: The cast was full of beautiful women, was there anyone you wish you’d had a chance to work with more?

ME: Nah, I got the hottest chick in the game (Taraji P. Henson)

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