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SMH at 30 people trusting this person to do these shady surgeries on them:

She was known as “The Duchess,’’ someone who could perform cosmetic magic on a massage table using a syringe and silicone. For more than a decade, her name was whispered in South Florida’s transgender community, having performed perhaps hundreds of procedures that transformed men’s breasts into double Ds or dainty derrieres into curvy wonders.Authorities now say “The Duchess,’’ a transgender woman whose real name is Oneal Ron Morris, may have practiced her black market plastic surgery not just in South Florida, but across the country.Twenty to 30 people from as far away as Indiana have come forward, saying they were victims of Morris’ elusive scam, according to Miami Gardens police Detective Michael Dillon. So far, Morris and an accomplice, Corey Eubanks, face felony charges in connection with just two South Florida cases where women nearly died from her injections, which were actually a toxic brew of substances found in the tire repair product “Fix-a-Flat.”

Morris “made me into a monster,’’ said Rajee Narinesingh, who received several procedures from “The Duchess” in 2005 and came forward after Morris’ recent arrest. Narinesingh, a transgender woman who lives in Hollywood, said Morris assured her she had performed hundreds of successful procedures, most of them using what she called “medical silicone.” Narinesingh was delighted after the first set of injections, which made her appear more feminine. She paid for additional injections into her face, breasts, buttocks and hips.Narinesingh, who was born a man but has always felt more like a woman, said friends who underwent similar procedures recommended The Duchess when Narinesingh wanted to feminize some of her features.“There was a sisterhood of trust. She was part of the transgender community herself,’’ Narinesingh explained of Morris, 31, who also had her own buttocks beefed up with injections.“There was a feeling that she won’t do anything bad, she knows what she is doing.’’

“The doctor pulled pieces of cement out of the side of my face,’’ said Narinesingh, a 5-foot-11, brown-haired woman, bullied since she was a child for being different from the other kids at her school in Philadelphia where she grew up.Narinesingh, a public speaker on transgender issues, said she felt compelled to go public with her story in hopes of helping others avoid what she went through.She said transgender people tend to use alternative treatments because they feel discriminated against or even abused by mainstream doctors. Once, when she was having heart pains, she panicked — not because she feared she was having a heart attack, but because she was going to have to go to a hospital.“When you live this life sometimes you feel very alone,’’ Narinesingh said. Several years ago, she said she was brutally beaten by a group of thugs in Miami who taunted her for being transgender. She never reported it to authorities because she was afraid police would victimize her again.

Brown — who is not transgender — also heard about Morris through friends. Eubanks, 40, quoted her a price of $1,000, which she told him she could not afford.They settled on $700 for 12 injections, six to each side. Prior to Mother’s Day 2010, she went to Eubanks’ house in Miami Gardens to have the procedure done, according to court documents.She was asked to lay face down on a massage table. Morris told Brown to relax.“This is my profession, don’t worry,’’ she allegedly told the victims, according to the arrest affidavit.The victim saw a tube of Super Glue and a red soft pack lunch bag. Out of the top of the bag was a black hose. She also saw a syringe.Morris told her not to look, so she just laid down. The injections were so painful she asked Morris to stop before she received all of them, promising to pay the full price anyway. After each injection, the victim said she saw Morris take a piece of gauze and squeeze Super Glue on it. She then glued it to the injection site.

Within hours, she became very sick. She ended up at a hospital in Tampa, where doctors eventually diagnosed her with multiple abscesses and a staph infection. She underwent several surgeries, including blood transfusions and was hospitalized for over a month. The doctors took samples that showed the substance injected into her backside mirrored the ingredients in a Pennzoil tire-repair product called “Fix-a-Flat.’’It took investigators over a year to piece the case together, in part because victims have been embarrassed to come forward. Thus far, Morris and Eubanks have been charged with two felony counts of practicing medicine without a license with serious injury. They have pleaded not guilty and are out on bond.More charges could be forthcoming, Dillon said.

“There have been tons of phone calls from people from all over. Any of them that aren’t local we are sending to the state Department of Health. They are helping us coordinate with police departments,’’ Dillon said.It’s hard to say how many victims are out there, Dillon said. Many of the callers who say they were patients of Morris also say they have friends who were patients. Some people reported paying as much as $3,000, others as little as a couple of hundred dollars.Both Morris and Eubanks have long arrest sheets, listing charges in connection with forging checks, credit card scams and grand theft. Eubanks served six years in prison, according to court records.Narinesingh said she hopes that her story helps others. She admits she nearly made a big mistake in her quest to be more attractive and feminine. It’s a trap, she said, that’s not exclusive to the transgender community. Men and women — gay, straight or transgender — feel pressure to look younger, sexier or prettier.“I am a person of sense, I really am,” she said. “But the desire to match what you feel inside with what you look like outside makes you willing to take chances.’’

Peep pics of the shady face implants below:


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