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NFL legend Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar, are embroiled in a messy divorce that seems destined to get even uglier, and his wife’s attorney told that his client wants to reconcile with her husband.

“She is heartbroken about the current situation, and she’s been a faithful and devoted wife to Deion Sanders, and she’s been a very supportive wife to him, and she is committed to their marriage and would like to make it work,” Larry Friedman told in an interview on Monday night. “So she’s very patient and intends to work on the marriage.”

The soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Sanders reportedly first got wind of the divorce from reading about it on the celebrity gossip website, TMZ.

We all saw Deion’s daughter, Deiondra, go HAM sammich on Twitter last week, but Pilar’s lawyer says there is absolutely NO truth to the venom that shes was spewing.

Friedman categorically rejected the claim that Pilar Sanders may have been cheating. He called the tweet “absolutely false” and “utterly untrue,” adding that Deiondra Sanders didn’t live in Pilar Sanders’ household and didn’t have the facts about what happened within the marriage.

“Children should be seen and not heard, so that this child should be seen and not heard,” he said.

He added that Pilar Sanders was a devoted mother who took extraordinary care of her children.

“I mean, she gets them up in the morning, she dresses them for school, she makes sure that they’re properly fed,” he said.

Since her husband travels frequently and is often out of town, his client is “the primary parent and has been for 11 and a half years,” Friedman added.

Additionally, Prime Time says that Pilar can kick rocks with flip-flops and he would not stand in her way nor would he deny her dem racks, on racks, on racks…

On his Facebook page Sunday, Sanders thanked supporters for standing by him and said he would not engage in a public relations battle with his wife or with her attorney, whom he characterized as “ruthless and unethical,” accusing him of a history of engaging in smear tactics to “shake people down for more money.”

He added that his wife was “completely financially secure,” noting that they had an agreement that would allow her to “move on with freedom.”

But Friedman took issue with that statement.

“She’s not aware of any agreement and she’s still operating as if she’s still in the marriage,” he said.

Deion took to his Facebook page and claimed that Friedman was “ruthless”, “unethical”, and a shake-down artist, but the lawyer seems to take no umbrage in being a mean SOB in the courtroom…

“I think it’s a compliment in a divorce case when the husband expresses dissatisfaction with the wife’s lawyer,” he said. “Then you know you’re doing a good job for your client.”


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