That’s Gotta Hurt: The Most Embarrassing Break-Ups Of All Time

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dream cheating

Breakups can be extremely embarrassing. Especially if you’re famous.

These stars had extremely public breakups that made us cringe at the embarrassment. However, since we didn’t have to go through it, we kind laughed at them instead. Let’s remember and laugh at them!

pilar sanders

Pilar Sanders – Pilar got straight dumped and found out about it online. Then, to make things worst, Deion’s family has been straight clowning her ever since! Talk about insult to injury.

kris humphries kim kardashian

Kris Humphries – He found out about his divorce on TMZ! Just 72 days after they got married. Hard to feel bad for him, but we kind of do.

drake dollicia bryan

Dollicia Bryan – After putting out an official message, Bryan got kicked to the curb and had to watch Drizzy boo’d up with some chick on a NYE special!

the dream

The-Dream – The Dream had some random run in with some walrus and got unceremoniously dumped by Christina Millian via Twitter. That’s a double loss.

swizz beatz mashonda

Mashonda – She basically got kicked to the curb in a very public manner. We all knew it except her. Poor Mashonda.

brad pitt jennifer anniston

Jennifer Anniston – Brad dropped her like the baddest of habits all for Angelina. Everyone in Hollywood saw it and it was embarrassingly public.

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    tiger elin

    Tiger Woods – He got found out as someone that screwed around with dirty hoes THEN got his a$$ beat by his wife for it. That’s a hell of a bogie.


    Drake – Drizzy got banged by Rihanna then got kicked to the curb. He’s still crying about it. Doesn’t get more embarrassing than that.

    kobe vanessa

    Kobe Bryant – He got divorced on Christmas! All that dirty dogging caught up to him on the most wonderful time of the year.

    tom brady bridget moynahan

    Bridget Moynahan – Tom Brady had a choice of two hot Beckys, but he straight dumped Bridget while she was pregnant because he preferred Gisele. Gully.

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