Back At It: Crazy Old Pat Robertson Says God Does Not Support Barack Obama Because The President Is Racist

- By Bossip Staff

SMH, Conservative Slander Season continues.

During an episode of The 700 Club, Pat Roberston revealed to his viewers that he had an extensive conversation with God about the 2012 presidential election. And Roberstson says that God told him who would be in the White House come February of next year. And apparently, the homie G-O-D wants NO PARTS of Barack Obama.

According to Robertson, God doesn’t support President Barack Obama’s agenda and says that only “overwhelming prayer” can bring a new leader who will stop the country from “disintegrating”:

Your country will be torn apart by internal stress. A house divided cannot stand. Your president holds a radical view of the direction of your country which is at odds with the majority. Expect chaos and paralysis. Your president holds a view which is at the odds with the majority — it’s a radical view of the future of this country, and so that’s why we’re having this division. This is a spiritual battle which can only be won by overwhelming prayer. The future of the world is at stake because if America falls, there’s no longer a strong champion of freedom and a champion of the oppressed of the world. There must be an urgent call to prayer.

What sir?

On Tuesday, however, Robertson said that God told him the nation’s downfall would be triggered by an economic collapse. He suggested that God told him this would come about if Obama was elected to another term.

“And God said, this is not my judgment, they are bringing it upon themselves,” Robertson explained

And yes. He is serious.


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