Where Are My Parents???

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This is Zonnique, daughter and step-daughter of Tiny and T.I., respectively. They say she is in the entertainment business as well, but this new Hollyweird girls steez has her entirely out of pocket. Tiny and T.I., come get your daughter, before someone else does, please. SMH

More, promo pics, below.


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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Vinandi

    WTF sort of name is Zonnique?? as a Black African I am constantly amazed at the names that African Americans give their children, what is up with that?

  • Marquis de Sade

    Zonnique? There should be a law where young uneducated black couples should’nt be allowed to name their bastard mistakes. Daaaaammmmm!

  • mzsweetface

    I’m hoping she was just playing dress up in Tiny’s closet when she took that top pic. She’s still young.

  • HoneyBrown

    Zonnique?? Okay….. Zonnique please go change your clothes and go sit down somewhere and be a child. SMH

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    The clothes are a little mature for her age…but other than that there’s nothing wrong with the pics

  • JAD

    Thank God she doesn’t look like her mother!

  • Wife

    LMAO @ Hannibal and the R Kelly comment.

    Promo pics? what are they trying to promote?

  • little big mouth

    besides the fact that she’s just a kid and only having fun, she must be doing something right because yall took the time out to make an entire post about her.

  • Vinandi


    T.I is mighty fine though, I had a wet dream about him last night and it felt oh so real!

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    @Dane Dane, i dont know why young girls be doing that with their lips when they pose for pictures..i’ve been seeing that lately and all i can think is wtf??

  • Vinandi

    @ Nina Knows

    of all the names in all the world and in the Bible included they had to make up Zonnique????

    its a stupid ass name for a pretty kid! and is totally unecessary, names should mean something or have some sort of legacy!

  • Laydacris

    Plus Destiny’s child was just a little older when they were dressing like this!

  • Vinandi

    my name means beautiful promise, although I was actually named after Nandi ( vinandi), the mother of Shaka Zulu, who was the Zulu warrior king who fiercly fought aganist the British.

  • ATXChick

    Those pictures are prob for her MYSPACE page you know everyone has one… she just had to update her page with new photos

  • elovely

    I see nothing wrong with the pics. I’m sure those are her dress up clothes she is a kid having fun.Nothing to get in trouble over. Stop THE DRAMA BEFORE T.I GET GHETTO AGAIN. Ya’ll would love that huh. Just back off she is a kid.

  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    OOOOOOkay what the hell is wrong with these pics??? They are just playing dress up in what looks like their home…unlike Baby Hooker Miley Cyrus they aren’t kissing on each other…wearing tons of makeup…hugged up on some old azz boy…or really trying to be grown.

    Just two girls flashing peace signs…and acting like kids. The most disturbing recent kiddie pics are Diddy pimping out his twins with bow ties, now that was something to talk about…this? Not so much.

  • sam

    why do u african americans have the most dumb names in the world!!!shaniqua rishonda?????

  • Muff

    I think she is cute and I am sure it wasn’t an outfit for the out doors so I see nothing wrong with it!

  • Pinky914

    I don’t see he probelem! The shirts ah maybe a bit much….. Other than that they look like two little normal pre teens! they’re not doing anything wrong!

  • Pinky914


    the problem

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    daywalker/ dre ate that oshie’s behind up yesterday and so did nina knows and just telling it, they made mince meat out of that cunt!

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    Sam, dont forget quiyanna..????????????????????????what the eff kind of name is that!

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    434-845-0911=too funny.

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