Get Your Life Together: The Craziest, Wildest And Dumbest Fan Tattoos Of All Time

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We all remember the crazy a$$ Drake tattoo from last week…but it’s not the only one.

Crazy fans have been getting even crazier tattoos for years now and it never ceases to disturb us. Would you get a tat of your favorite celebrity? Would you come anywhere close to getting these tats? Sound off!

More Drake craziness.

Ashton Kutcher, though?

LOL! Judge Judy gets that kind of love? That’s insane.

That’s none other than Rachael Ray. She must have put together a hell of a recipe for that young lady.

Bob Barker swag!

We pity THIS fool!

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    Demi Lovato? Really?

    This is a joke, right?

    All of those are faces of Julia Roberts. From all of her movies. Creeeepy.

    That guy obviously hasn’t seen Britney Spears in a while.

    This Manny Pacquiao tat probably scares Floyd Mayweather.

    Yes, those are all Twilight characters. *blank stare*

    You can tat it up all you want, but that brother is going away for a long time, unfortunately.

    No, this isn’t a celebrity per se, but the tattoo still gets attention for being truly idiotic.

    We wonder if he went back and added Wayne’s tats to the tatted Wayne face.

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