Burial of that God-Awful N-Word

- By Bossip Staff

Via Channel 3000:

BELOIT, Wis. — In a somber and meaningful ceremony on Saturday the N-word was laid to rest.

The word has been considered both derogatory and controversial over its lifetime. Which is why a Beloit group made a big statement about the word in a day-long funeral celebration. It’s a word that originated during times of slavery, meant by its creators to bring an entire race of people onto a level that justified them as servants to a higher class…..”We’re really trying to say to young people this is not a term of endearment,” said Wanda Sloan, Co-Chair of the Black Star Project in Beloit. The group developed the idea to literally bury the word and all the negativity that comes with it…….”We want to symbolize that whole history that we’ve gone through and to say, look where we are today and this is how we should think of ourselves,” said Sloan. “On a much higher plan than as derogatory as not being able to use our God given names.”…

…”There’s so much negativity associated with the N-word, we just feel like it’s time to make a change,” said East junior Maya Williams. “It’s been around for a while and we just want to set an example for our peers.””Slaves have died for the word to stop it, and by us bringing it back up it’s not doing anything,” said junior Makayla Allen. “The term is meaningless in reality, but it has become a useful word for those who help perpetrate the negative stereotypes of Africans worldwide,” said Black Star Project member Tasha Bell…. The word was actually laid to rest in East Lawn Cemetery in Beloit, with a casket containing a mirror, which organizers said was meant for all in attendance to reflect on the negativity inside them, as well as cards with words each person contributed.

Well, it is a great gesture, but probably won’t catch on. The N-word is still gonna remain a living entity especially in the urban world. In remembrance of the word, let us bow our heads, and think back to time where there was a little humor in the world….play video:

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