That Awkward Moment: Daddy Hov’s Ex-Boo Thang Blu Cantrell Speaks Her Piece On Baby Blue Ivy’s Name!

- By Bossip Staff

Peep what ol’ “Blu” eyes had to say about Hov and Bey Bey’s bouncing baby girl!

In case you’ve been under a rock, out of the loop, or in jail for the past 15 years, then you know the proud papa Hov used to date R&B singer Blu Cantrell some years back (see where we’re goin’ with this?). As you may have seen there is tons of speculation and conspiracy theories behind why Jay and Bey named their baby girl Blue Ivy Carter, so let’s just add this lil’ tid bit to the already ridiculous rumor mill shall we?

On Sunday, the first Blu in Jay-Z’s life took to Twitter to congratulate the new parents and toss her two-cents in about the baby’s controversial and convenient name:

Now, we’re not saying that Hov coerced Bey into naming their first born child after his washed up singer ex-girlfriend, but he did just name is first-born child after his washed up singer ex-girlfriend.

Ladies, would you be in favor of naming your child after some broad that your husband used chop down???

Hate it or love it?!?!

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