ChitChatter: Amber Rose Says She Has PROOF That Kanye Took A Slice Out Of Kimmy’s Cakes!!! [Plus Video]

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Kimmy…you got some ‘splainin’ to do!!

Yesterday, Amber Rose did an interview with TMZ where she again apologized for her lil’ name-calling rant about Kim Kardashian. Although Amber apologized to Kim for calling her a “homewrecker”, she is standing by her claim that Yeezy went H*A*M all in that a$$! According to the blonde banger this is not a “belief”, but a stone-cold TRUTH, that all parties involved are VERY aware of! Read a transcript of the interview below.

According to TMZ reports:

Harvey Levin (TMZ founder): “…I do think it’s relevant to know why you think that, why did you think she slept with him (Kanye)? I’m not gonna dwell on it, but I think to put this story in context, why did you initially believe that Kim had slept with Kanye?”

Amber: Um, well, I don’t “believe”, I KNOW, and I really don’t wanna get into details about it. It’s a whole other story Harvey, I just, ya know, like I said I forgive and forget. I’m just done with that whole situation.

Harvey: I get it, but before we use the Etch-A-Sketch on this whole thing and it just goes away, I do think, ya know, my understanding is that Kim has denied it. So was it something…(interrupted)

Amber: Well she definitely didn’t deny it because she can’t, because it’s not the truth. I know what the truth is, she knows what the truth is, Reggie knows what the truth is, and so does Kanye. I didn’t come out and say that to hurt anybody’s feelings or even start any trouble. That was just something for me to get off my chest because every interview I go into people ask me “Why did you break up Kim and Reggie’s relationship and that’s just not the case.”

Sidebar: Since we don’t have the audio it must be noted that Amber was not ranting, she spoke very calmly and very assertively about the “transgressions”

Despite not spilling the beans about HOW she knows, we almost get a sense that all parties involved have spoken and have an understanding about what exactly happened and have vowed not to speak on the details for everyone’s benefit. Think about it, Kanye was actively trying to rebuild his image from the Taylor Swift fiasco, Kim and Reggie had been celebrated as this loving swirling celebrity couple, and Amber was already getting hated on just because she’s a bad beyotch and other hoes were jealous.

This would not have ended well for any of them. It’s just a theory, but we think it’s pretty damn close to the truth.

What say you? Do you believe Amber’s side of the story or Kimmy’s??

Flip the page to watch Amber’s interview with The Breakfast Club this morning as well as a scene from ‘Gang Of Roses 2’ with her boo thang Wiz Khalifa!!

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