American Idol Reject Commits Suicide at Paula’s Home

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

A obsessed fan and former American Idol reject, Paula Goodspeed, was stalking Paula Abdul, and committed suicide outside of the judge’s home last night:

We’ve learned the identity of the dead woman, Paula Goodspeed, who appeared on Season 5 in 2006. During her audition she said she’s an artist and the first pic she ever drew was of Paula Abdul. “Idol” produced a 3 minute and 40 second featurette on Goodspeed and her passion for Paula. She did not make the cut, after Ryan Seacrest proclaimed, “And the love affair is over.”

It’s painfully obvious from her MySpace page, the woman who was found dead in front of Paula Abdul’s house had an obsession with “American Idol”, and was seriously affected by her embarrassment on the show.

On the chick’s Myspace page it shows that she was a actress that was tore up in the head and had over dosed at Paula’s before. Paula released a statement saying she was, “Shocked and Saddened”.


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  • Cockblocka

    First on the thang.

    RIP young lady 😦

  • big ass

    R.I.P Paula was not worth it!!!!

  • G Money

    That’s F’d UP!


    These contest shows can really f*** with an unstable persons mind. they really shouldn’t be so harsh or at least do a psych eval first.

  • X

    Guess you was wrong about Paula in the other post!!! lol!!!

  • Nita

    Is this real? Remember when Paula was screwing that young man and screwed iwth his head to make him think tha the’d go farther by screwing her?

    Was Paula screwing over this young woman’s head, too? I hope this story is not true.

  • Pynk

    No one better start to say that Idol is too hard on people. Although I’m saddened by this lady’s passing, most of those people on there need a big does of reality when it comes to their vocal skills. They go on that show sounding like pure trash and are SHOCKED when they don’t move on…



  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    sad story… see X aint no oshie face and horsie Z on here and here i am posting so get a grip! RIP to this woman so sad…. was it that serious????/

  • mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    X.. you say i follow those horses around … uhb its kind of hard not to be on a post when since you checking up on my posts its kinda hard not to be on a post that oshie is not on … check it yourself sometimes i dont even post after scrooling and seeing her all over the board and Z too, oshie is even on at night i came on a couple of times at night but when is see her and a few others i keep it pushing but like i said i can post anywhere i choose too but thanks for your concern but like i sadi check out your others before coming at me! so like i said its kind of hard not to be on a post with out oshie shes on every dam post!

  • Doagae

    Chile, just when you thought you had problems….

  • Old School

    So Sad. Pray for her please!!! Oh BKLYNZ OWN- She was Native American.

  • Playlist

    White Chicks…..

  • Joey B

    she look like that lady jim carrey played on “in living color” vera

  • Johnny Hex

    that’s not her.

    that’s not her in the picture and that’s not her Myspace page either.

  • anchord "HISTORY (new athem)"

    she’s no boss

  • Flawdagurl

    I stopped watchin Idol after Rueben won it just seems so staged now. Every year there is a scandal in which one of the Idols have to drop out the contest.

  • adiamondcenter

    That is sad………blesses2 her familly

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  • Henrietta

    this is as crazy as it gets, isn’t it? Sad but crazy! Very freaky for Abdul that’s for sure.

  • Kompton's Kutie {{Suivez la Faveur}}

    White people! That myspace page is a mess! It looks like a 16yr. old’s page.

  • lala#1


    LOL.. I think the same thing sometimes and has anyone ever noticed that the BIGGEST haters on this site are the WORST spellers!!! lol

    pet peeves.. bad spellers and using ebonics! come on, we can do better!!!

  • http://N/A mia

    In the grave is where she should be”.

  • anonymous

    Paula Goodspeed farted. So did Maricel Alag. The odor of their farts is strong and smellier than average.

  • anonymous

    Paula Goodspeed farted. So did Maricel Alag. The odor of their farts is strong and smellier than average. They fart more than average.

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