Beyonce Does V

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Your girl Bey is on the cover of V magazine emoting. Can you feel it? Well, probably not, but at least she looks good. Check out her spread below.

Pop the hood for more of Lady Bey in all her “fierceness.”

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  • Soul Cry

    I like the one in the white tee and gold bracelet…tears just at the brim. Nice.

  • aye

    First! Love the flics B!

  • Hannibal (Behind Every Great Black Man...Is The Police)


  • aye

    Love the photos. Bey looks fierce!

  • Talley-B

    man these are the baddest pics, this woman is so fly and beatiful, there’s no need for the hating to commence today….but as usaul, here they come in 5….4….3…2….1….

  • Chi-Town

    Can 1 day go bye, and we dont have to read about this lady?

  • Lacombe Redbone (Officially Chopped & Screwed)

    Very dramatic!…cool!

  • Sesame Street

    V is for Vagina!

  • Oshie is a cracker ass cracker

    I’m having a Beyonce overdose. Symptoms include stank attitude, alter egos, gaggle of gay men, personality of a raisin and fierceness.

  • me888

    Beyonce has been trying really hard lately to be high-fashion… it’s just not convincing. She’s too commercial.

  • Joey Bishop

    i heard her song on the radio yesterday and i just now realizing all her songs sound alike.

  • Ms Felicia Sabree

    she tries to hard being honest models have it natural thats why there models


    im unmoved…

  • vegasgal

    @Joey Bishop, I thought the same thing too.

    I have nothing against Bey, but I can see why Rihanna is starting to surpass her. Beyonce always has the same boring look, same style, same music, she never takes any chances. She’s an attractive girl but all that weave she wears helps her looks out a lot, you’ll never see her getting a short haircut like Rihanna because her face isn’t pretty enough to pull it off.

  • Nina Knows

    PURPPLE…. so am I.

    She takes over-rated to a whole new level.

  • so obvious

    see beyonce’s real hair (or lack there of) at

    just scroll down

  • Katherine

    @Joey Bishop, thank you. I was thinking the same thing. Honestly, to me she tries a little too hard.

  • kenya

    i thought she was “over” being the it girl, mighty funny since she doesn’t seem to be willing to relinquish the title. enter the dead eye swag

  • jazi

    once again she is overexposed & torturing us with these horrible poses. she looks good mind you, but who the hell taught this chick how to pose?

  • little big mouth

    looks like she’s trying really hard to get a hard poop to come out…don’t try to hard girl you might pop your ears

  • & (The Blogger Formerly Known as And...) Since we creating alter egos & ish. I

    I’ll take the beating, here goes….

    1. Girl can’t sing…raps at a upbeat low safe tone then hollars like all hell is going to break loose.

    2. Looks like a whole bunch of light brown women with long hair…except their in a classroom or office.

    3. I’ve seen better shapes & bigger @sses.

    4. Can’t act her way out of a weave convention.

    5. At a certain point in your career you should be past trying…she’s always trying.

    6. Opportunist.

    7. Pop, not R&B star. People (mainstream America is fooled by the p-popping & lack of clothes)

    8. People need to stop putting lipstick on a pig – she’s not a good rolemodel for young girls.

    9. No character, no diversity, no sense, uneducated, not well spoken, dingy, …

    10. Transparent & fake

    *Don’t call me a hater because I don’t look up to her. I have too many professionals & a few luxury vehicles in my family to be hoo-riding a dumb female. There are too many educated Black women around to be jockikng this chick because she’s always on tv or giggling somewhere.

    Fame means people know you – not that they have to patronize & respect you.

    If that’s hate, then I guess I’m a hater.

  • Joey Bishop

    @vegasgal—–>>> ya got that right and i agree 100%…beyonce had potential..its like she went straight from destinys child to the old lady swag.

  • & (The Blogger Formerly Known as And...) Since we creating alter egos & ish. I

    I’m looking at all my typos…damned Starbucks.

  • Aries Chica

    She is pretty but we all now she is just trying to sell albums so let her do her thang I know nan’ one of us will buy that/those magazines because she is on it. I appreciate her successes but at some point it is time to pass the torch…

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