Hip-Hop Beef: Pras Says Everything Is All Good Between Him and Wyclef Even Though He Didn’t Back Haitian Presidency Campaign

- By Bossip Staff

Friends…how many of us have them?

Pras says there’s no bad blood between him and Wyclef Jean after Pras didn’t back his bandmate and childhood friend in Haiti’s election, The Post’s Darryl Harrison reports. “It’s part of his theatrics, part of his politics. It’s all good,” Pras said of a song Wyclef performed that dissed him and activist Sean Penn last September. He even left the door open for a Fugees reunion — “If Fleetwood Mac can do it, if the Rolling Stones can do it,” he mused.

Glad these two could squash the beef. At one point we would have loved to see a Fugees reunion, but if Lauryn can’t keep her isht together then we’d rather not ruin the memory that we have.


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