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Uhhhhhh, ok…

If there is one thing with which all of Hollywood could agree is that Beyonce is anything but original. After being heralded as the next Tina Turner by Kanye West and the second coming of Michael Jackson by her husband Jay-Z, the singer has been cast in the molds of two other great artists – Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan.

Speaking to Les Inrocks about his upcoming projects, Clint Eastwood revealed a fascination with Beyonce, with whom he will be working in the upcoming remake of ‘A Star is Born’. The noted director claimed that she offered to “write” material for the movie’s soundtrack but he intends to introduce her to the fundamentals of Jazz music so that she could realize her potential to become the next Fitzgerald or Vaughan.

Peep what the ol’ gunslinger had to say about Bey-Bey:

“She asked if she could write stuff for the movie, I said yes, great. But I also told her I would make one or two things very classical. Still classicism. But I don’t want Beyonce to be too classic! She has a superb voice. She could become a new Sarah Vaughan or the next Ella Fitzgerald. She has the same class. I dont know if she knows their music, but I intend to do a good education for the movie!”

Wow, we’re not sure about this one Clint. There is no doubt that Beyonce is immensely talented, but Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn??

What do you think about vaunted comments?


Do you think Bey-Bey has sticky fingers or is she just paying homage to those that she admires??

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