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Here is even more evidence that this Casey Anthony broad truly ain’t isht:

Casey Anthony is living a bizarre, twisted life in hiding, is carry­ing on obscene online chats and is tell­ing friends she’ll make a great mother and keeps a picture of Caylee in Jesus’ arms next to her bed! The ENQUIRER has penetrated the secret life of the infamous “monster mom,” who’s desperately reaching out to pals on a website created by sup­porters. On it, she reveals she’s bisexual, hates both her parents and chillingly plans to become “a great mother.”

In exclusive interviews with friends who are in almost daily touch with Casey, we got a shocking inside look at “the most hated woman in America” as she attempts to piece together her shattered life. Incredibly, Casey remains so fixated on Caylee that she’s created a bizarre candlelit shrine to her, which she sees every night before going to bed. It includes a picture of Casey embraced by Jesus. Holed up and go­ing stir crazy at the home of a minister’s family, Casey is us­ing her new laptop computer to reach out to pals on the Internet.

The 25-year-old party girl – who must remain on probation in Flori­da until August on a check fraud conviction – has used the chat room on her supporters’ website to make frequent and blatant passes at both men and women, according to sourc­es. Insiders say she told online friends that she has a lover twice her age and fantasizes about moving to Paris, France, and having twins. She’s telling them: “I’ll be a great mother.”

What’s more, the sources say she added that she became overjoyed two months ago when she thought she was pregnant, but it was a false alarm. And the source claims Casey fla­grantly came on to two female online pals.

Casey, who the source says is holed up in a dingy ’50s-style home with a preacher’s family, occasionally ventures outside in disguise. She has a team of three bodyguards, who have arranged karate class­es so she can protect herself. Meantime, she hasn’t seen her parents, George and Cindy, but told the friend she has a boyfriend – and bragged about spending an “amazing week­end with Steven.” In another revelation – one that will rock those convinced she killed her daughter – the source says that Casey admitted in her on­line chats that she wants to replace Caylee by having two more chil­dren, disclosed the friend.

“Casey told me, ‘The only way I can live with myself is to think of Caylee in the loving arms of Jesus, at peace and happy, and to pray that someday, I can have two little twin babies to take her place in this world.’ ”

Shockingly, the friend added that Casey gushed: “I think I’d make a great mother!” In some of her recent conversations, the source says that Casey comes across as depressed and told online pals that she considered suicide. And, she confided, she’s getting profes­sional help to readjust to life. Still, she never admits to any involvement in Caylee’s death, said the friend. “Casey is the most self-centered, egotisti­cal creature I have ever known. Everything she says is all about her – about how sad and lonely she is.”

Wow, they should have just let this crazy heffa fry..


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