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Emmanuel Dugger walked to a gas station in the Gateway neighborhood of Northeast D.C. just after 11 p.m. Sunday. On the way home, he spotted a baby just in front of his neighbor’s gate.

“The child had no Pampers on, no clothes on. It wasn’t wrapped up in anything, but the towel,” says Dugger.

He says the black female baby was about a week old. Her mouth and eyes were closed and blood was running from her nose. Emmanuel ran to get his father, Eugene Dugger.

“I tried to transfer my body heat to her by rubbing her. She was ice. She was cold. I brought her in. I put her on the dining room table and I put some more towels on her,” says Eugene.

There were no signs of life. Eugene Dugger gave the baby CPR. The little girl was pronounced dead at 2:20 a.m.

Ian Milne lives in the house closest to where the baby was found.

“I always kind of check the doors and look around outside before I go to bed and there was nothing unusual,” says Milne.

Police are now trying to figure out how the child ended up there.

“We’re asking anyone who noticed somebody that they knew was pregnant or recently gave birth to a child, and the child was no longer around with no reasonable explanation,” says Lt. Robert Alder of the Metropolitan Police Department.

D.C. has a Safe Haven law. The parents could have left the child at a hospital, police, or fire station. MPD’s Fifth District station is just 0.7 of a mile away.

“We’re just heartbroken. We have two kids and you just wonder there’s a mom that’s pretty desperate and doesn’t have a lot of support, so it’s difficult to take in,” says Milne.

An autopsy is expected to be completed Monday. That will determine exactly how the baby died.

Why didn’t the person drop the baby off at the hospital??? SMH



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