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This idiot finally realized that he’d made a terrible mistake.

Jeffrey Darnell Paul is the name of the guy that designed the flyer. He owns South Side Graphix and makes horrible life choices.

“What was I thinking? Promotion,” Paul told NBC Miami. “It was proposed to me like a birthday bash for Martin Luther King, I put a flyer together without thinking about the effects it would have.”

Paul said he received phone calls from people all over the country concerning the flyer and said he didn’t intend to be controversial.

“I wasn’t trying to disrespect anybody,” he said. “It was just supposed to be a promotional thing, it wasn’t about disgracing Martin Luther King, it wasn’t about that.”

Well, what the frik was he trying to accomplish?! It did promote some things, like how the human race can be full of complete idiots.

“This is the owner’s first time seeing it,” manager Jermaine Robinson told the news network. “So we don’t condone this. This is Martin Luther King. We respect what he did. Today is the day for us to honor him.”

Despite the criticism, he told the news outlet that he takes full blame for the mistake.

“I apologize about it, I’m taking full responsibility,” he said. “I wish it could have gone down a different way but I’m learning from it and trust me, I’m not going down that route again.”

So the actual club owner didn’t know anything about the flyer. Well that gives him sort of a pass. We’ll forgive him for now. The MLK event was actually cancelled after the flyer backlash. However, this doesn’t excuse the fact they had a strip club extravaganza planned for MLK day in the first place!

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