New Black-French-Irish Kid On The Block: “Rosaly” Doesn’t Believe In Cake Shaking And Cursing To Sell Records!! [Video]

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This is a dope concept, but then again… the girl is “M.I.A’s” protege:

Bossip: What’s you ethnicity?

Rosaly: French, Black, Irish, Italian, and Cherokee.

Bossip: Describe your sound?

Rosaly: My sound is hypnotic. I play with melodies over hard beats.

Bossip: So you moved to LA to persue your music it was a big leap. How did the big city treat you?

Rosaly: I knew that LA was were I needed to be in order to persue my career so I took the risk and came out here at 18. Growing up I spent a lot of time traveling and I began taking care of myself at 14. Getting the hang of things in the music industry and in the big city wasn’t the easiest thing but I have managed to learn the ropes and now there isnt’t anything I cant handle.

Bossip: How is it working and doing collaborations with MIA pretty big deal for a new artist?

Rosaly: It’s Great. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to work with Maya, She is an amazing artist and i have always admired her. I feel very blessed.

Bossip: Describe the team that you have?

Rosaly: Im very lucky to have the team that I have. My producers for the 108 Mixtape are Ezi-Cut and Dap Daniel. Mykel Monroe, Laurent Besecon and Flii Styles handle all of my business for me.

Bossip: So you skate surf and model? Pretty active aren’t you?

Rosaly: Indeed, growing up on the beach led me to surfing and then when I wasn’t by the ocean anymore I began skating because it was the closest thing to it. Being on a wave is the best feeling i’ve ever had. Making music in my world is like surfing sound waves.

Bossip: What would you tell aspiring artist?

Rosaly: Be different and unique, work hard, stay focused, and don’t allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of what you know and believe is right for you and your brand.

Bossip: What’s your ultimate goal with your music?

Rosaly: My ultimate goal with my music is to create a new lifestyle involving art, music and culture that will inspire people from all around the world. I also want to establish foundations that will help the less fortunate and socially opressed people everywhere. By building a big platform with my music I will be able to do these things.

Bossip: Your music is pretty cool and laid back, is that pretty much your lifestyle?

Rosaly: Yes, I am a very simple person. I find joy in the small things in life.

Bossip: What can we look forward to for you mixtape?

Rosaly: I have created a new Genre of music called ISLAND BEACH MUSIC and starting with my mixtape I will continue to create this sound and elaborate musically with it. This is just the beginning of great exciting music with versatility and substance!

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