Must Be Hell: The Most Dysfunctional Relationships We Would Have Hated To Be A Part Of

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Wouldn’t you hate to be a part of these dysfunctional relationships?!

Not every relationship is a Cinderalla story. Sometimes they just seem like endless Hell. And instead of just breaking things off, they just stay in their whirlwind relationships creating drama for us to gossip about. So thanks for that. Still, we wouldn’t be caught dead in these crappy relationships.

J. Lo and Marc Anthony – Marc was apparently a jealous, control freak and she was less than trustworthy. Bad mix.

Jennifer Hudson and Punk – Ugh. Who’d want to deal with his nagging, beeyotch ways?

Eric and Jennifer Williams – They just fight and argue all the time. And she can’t trust his lying arse. Watching them makes us want to cry.

Rih Rih and Breezy – For obvious reasons.

Esther Baxter and Joe Budden – So. Much. Drama. It’d have us damn near at cardiac arrest dealing with the back and forth.

Kanye West and Amber Rose – He was allegedly controlling and Amber has talked about how unpleasant he was. We can only imagine.

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    Terrence and Michelle Howard – He was abusive (allegedly) and she was racist (allegedly). Not the best mix.

    Jesse James and Kat Von D – They were brought together through shadiness and downright wrong so it only makes sense that they’d be messed up. Plus he cheated all the damn time, too.

    Vanessa and Kobe – She was wildly insecure, jealous and messy. He liked white meat. Match made in hell. Even his teammates told him to get rid of her.

    Sammi and Ronnie – What happens with two insecure idiots with middle school education levels get together? Nobody being happy.

    Whitney and Bobby – They’re the example of dysfunction. The forefathers of jacked up relationships. Congrats!

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