Top 10 Reasons Hip Hop Has Changed And Isn’t As Potent As It Was In The 90’s [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

We here at Bossip loooove 90’s Rap and feel the whole rap game has died down. We’ve compiled a list of reasons “Hip Hop Has Changed And Is Not As Potent As It Used To Be.”

#10:The internet. The internet is making bubble gum geeks into stars. I.E. Kreayshawn and others in her ilk. The internet lets anybody who wants to put out music… put it out at their own discretion which has lead to too much music being out there and folks having to have some kind of gimmick in order to make it. The gay rapper, the white girl rapper, the rapper that got his chain snatched on camera, that rapper that beat up somebody on camera, etc… etc. Also, people feel “why buy music?”

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