Jesus Be A Laser Tattoo Remover: Shaq Gave A Bartender $2,000 For Getting A Tattoo Of Charles Barkley Kissing Another Man [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Welp! We guess it’s good to know Shaunie isn’t getting all of Shaq‘s money:

Shaquille O’Neal put out a challenge recently to anyone who would be the first person to get a tattoo of the Shaq’s kiss he shared with NBA referee Dick Bavetta back in 2007. Emmet Bentley, a bartender from Santa Barbara not only got that tattoo done on his ankle but he also got a tattoo on his back of Shaq’s face and some of his TNT colleagues faces on Mount Rushmore.

Check out the video of Shaq meeting the tatted up bartender next…


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