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In other words, “Get yo isht, get yo isht and get the fizzuck out!” Deion has had it up to here with his BANGIN estranged wife Pilar.

According to TMZ reports:

Deion Sanders has had enough of his awkward living situation — sharing a home with the woman he’s divorcing — and now he’s asking a judge to force his estranged wife Pilar to move out.

According to docs filed in Texas last week, Deion believes the home is his separate property and that Pilar “should be ordered to vacate the residence.”

Deion believes the divorce should be governed by the prenup. As we previously reported, Pilar wants that prenup thrown out because she feels she was duped into signing it. But Deion says Pilar knew exactly what she was signing, and even consulted with lawyers beforehand.

Deion also wants the court to sanction Pilar for violating the rules of conduct for people getting divorced in Collin County … which state both parties cannot:

— Disturb the peace of the children

— Make disparaging remarks about the other or their family

— Talk about the divorce in front of the kids

Lastly, Deion wants the whole thing to go through mediation, as dictated by the prenup.

SMH. This thing is getting uglier by the day. Why doesn’t Deion just get a hotel room until it’s all done? Isn’t that what normally happens in a divorce — the guy moves out so the woman can maintain as normal life as possible for the kids at home? We hope the younger kids manage to come out of this unscathed, cuz clearly Deiondra and Deion Jr. are already a bit touched from it all.

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