Detroit Families Clash At Court For Murdered College Student: Tripod Of Camera Broken Off By Woman “I’m Gonna Kill These Mother F__kers” [Video]

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Chaos broke out after an arraignment Saturday afternoon in downtown Detroit.
Words were exchanged between the families of the victim and the defendant as they exited the courthouse.
A woman connected to the defendant grabbed a tripod from our sister station WXYZ-TV, slammed it into the cement and ripped one of the legs off.
As the argument rolled on, the woman brandished the tripod leg and then made a threat.
“Stand back cameraman, because I’m going to kill these [EXPLETIVE]”, the woman said.
The wild scene took place minutes after 35-year-old Jacob Wells was arraigned on murder charges. He is accused of shooting and killing 21-year-old nursing student Claudia Benson last weekend outside a Detroit bar and grill.
The families of both the victim and the defendant were in court.
No punches were thrown, and there were attempts to quell the fighting. Eventually, both sides went their separate ways.
Court security would not come outside, telling WXYZ that outside the building is not their responsibility.
911 was called, but the fight had broken up by the time Detroit police arrived.
“She attacked us,” said Alecha Benson, Claudia Benson’s mother. “They’re a bunch of maniacs and animals to do this, no remorse at all.”
The woman who destroyed the tripod was last seen walking down Madison Street twirling the tripod leg.
WXYZ did fill out a police report.
“I just want justice,” Benson said. “I want them to throw the book at him for what he did to my daughter.

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